Walkie Talkie Models

  • H350-plus
    Talk PRO H350 Plus
    Rs. 10,500

    Features: Xenon 15ft Beam Torch, 48 Hours Talk Time, 7 Watt, 4-5 Kms Range, Water Proof
    Suitable for: Army, Railways, Para-Military forces, Cement and Steel plants, Iron Ore and Coal mines, Thermal Plants, Fire fighters.
  • H450A
    Talk PRO H450A
    Rs. 7,750

    Features: Xenon 15ft Beam Torch, 48 Hours Talk Time, 5.5 Watt, 3-5 Kms Range
    Suitable for: Airports, Ports, Tunnels, Large Factories, Construction industry and users with heavy talk time.
  • H350A
    Talk PRO H350A
    Rs. 6,750

    Features: 48 Hours Talk Time, 4 watt power, 2-3 Kms Range
    Suitable for: Security Services, Shopping Malls, Hotels & Resorts, Industrial units, Hospitals, Automobile service centres.
  • H250
    Talk PRO H250
    Rs. 5,150

    Features: LED 5ft Beam Torch, 48 Hours Talk Time, 2 Watt, 2 Kms Range
    Suitable for: Event managers, Wedding planners, Crane operators, Restaurants, Film / Video shooting, Retail outlets.

    About Talk PRO

    Talk PRO walkie talkies are the world’s toughest radios, manufactured with Military Standards 810 C, D and E. Water proof models are also available with an extra 7 watts, which transmit power to cover long distances and ensure deep penetration in basements, tunnels and high rise buildings. Talk PRO walkie talkies can withstand a fall of over 30 feet and have an extra long talk time of 48 hours, which is best suited for Indian conditions.

      We paid Rs. 6,000/- every year to the Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS) Operator for using walkie talkies.
      Now we pay Rs. 100/- only per month. We didn’t know, the license was issued in a week by simply filling up a form.
      Thanks to Talk PRO for the big savings and for guiding us correctly!- Nissan Renault

      Extra long talk time, inbuilt torchlight and waterproof design are the features in Talk PRO which are best suited
      for our round-the-clock patrolling duties.- Indian Army

      We are pleased to confirm that Talk PRO is the best performing walkie talkie in terms of range, support and talk time compared
      to all the leading brands that we have used so for. – S.Sriram, Chief Security Officer,Taj Group of Hotels

      Talk PRO is the first Indian brand of walkie talkies of International quality, at Indian prices.- Larsen and Toubro

      Talk PRO has designed, installed and commissioned our radio network in Rajasthan spanning 500 Km with 600 radios.
      It is a pleasure working with them. – Mark Kensilla, Head of Communications,Cairn India

    Why choose Talk PRO?

    High Talk Time of 48 hours
    Manufactured with Military Standards 810 C, D, E
    Waterproof Models
    12 month Warranty